Surgical Site Marking

Small But Mighty.

Our most popular preventer of wrong-site surgery. A small, biowaste reducing skin marker in sterile and non-sterile versions with a full-sized barrel for easy use in larger hands.

Mini Max

Other Markers

Prep Resistant Skin Markers: Keep it simple, durable and affordable with the new prep resistant MPRV050c

Mini Max: A mini marker with a full-sized barrel for easy use by larger hands.

Original Mini marker: A versatile marker with a small price, small size and small environmental footprint.

Sterile Skin Markers: Sterile full size and mini markers available pre-packed in your custom procedure trays.

TAT Markers: Temporary, tattoo-style site markers that simply stay put.

OP-Stamps: "Universal YES" stamps provide a consistent mark no matter who is making the surgical mark. Great for teaching facilities!



100 Markers, Dispenser Box, Non-Sterile



250 Markers, Proof-of-Use Packaging, Non-Sterile



1000 Markers, Proof-of-Use Packaging, Non-Sterile