Surgical Site Marking

Standardize your skin markers throughout your facility!

The popular non sterile mini max is also available as a sterile tear down with and without coated ruler, allowing you to standardize your skin markers throughout your facility. For those preferring a full size marker, we also offer a sterile full size marker with integrated ruler. Non sterile mini max skin markers are non sterile full size for placement can also be purchased for placement in your procedure trays. Standardization with our skin markers provides the added assurance that each surgical case has a high quality, consistent skin marker at an affordable price.

Sterile Skin Markers

Other Markers

Prep Resistant Skin Markers: Keep it simple, durable and affordable with the new prep resistant MPRV050c

Mini Max: A mini marker with a full-sized barrel for easy use by larger hands.

Original Mini marker: A versatile marker with a small price, small size and small environmental footprint.

Sterile Skin Markers: Sterile full size and mini markers available pre-packed in your custom procedure trays.

TAT Markers: Temporary, tattoo-style site markers that simply stay put.

OP-Stamps: "Universal YES" stamps provide a consistent mark no matter who is making the surgical mark. Great for teaching facilities!

Mini Max



100 sterile skin markers per box, 2 boxes/case



100 sterile skin markers and coated rulers per box, 2 boxes/case

Full Size Skin Marker



100 full size sterile skin markers per box, 2 boxes/case